Tuesday, July 5, 2016

My Fourth of July

I had a nice Fourth of July weekend that consisted of so much eating. It was like my summer Thanksgiving meal.

I went to West Milton, Ohio (a small town near Dayton) with my best friend Emily. Her family lives in West Milton.

In the morning, we ate a delicious breakfast, drank coffee and cheered on the runners in the 5k. This is the first year of the 5k and I hope they continue it next year. A lot of people participated, including Emily's cousin, brother and his fiance.

At 11am, we went to the parade. It's your typical small town parade. A lot of it is local council members driving their cars or the firetrucks blaring their sirens driving down the street.

A truck towing a truck, towing a truck, towing a truck, towing a truck
One of my favorite moments of the parade was the tow truck hauling five other two trucks. It was this amazing train of trucks. 

For lunch, we picked up applesauce chicken from the local Lion's Club and ate it at Grandma's house. 

In the afternoon, we went and bought fireworks and played cards. 

We went to the park to see the fireworks and played BINGO (also presented by the Lion's Club).

Having a crazy good time. Wait no, we just look crazy.