Sunday, July 24, 2016

Pokemon Go

My new favorite game? Pokemon Go.

I've been playing since July 11 and enjoying it so much. 

It's opened my eyes to new places in Columbus. I was playing it in Grandview and saw a nearby Pokestop and realized it was Four Strings Brewing. I had no idea that was in Grandview! 

I'd never been to Hoover Dam Reservoir but I went there for the first time to get some water Pokemon and realized what a lovely park it is. I went there once after work and then on Tuesday during lunch. I got a wicked sunburn on my neck from walking around looking for Pokemon but it was worth it because during that trip, I gained a level, found a new Pokemon, hatched an egg and took a gym.  

There's gyms, Pokestops and Pokemon scattered all around town, especially at churches.
I was so surprised to win this battle

Left my Jynx at Hoover's gym
Won a battle at Hoover Dam

Of course I would find a Psyduck near Hoover

My favorite spots in Columbus to play Pokemon Go: 
  • North High Street/ Short North  
  • Arena District 
  • Park Street 
  • Goodale Park 
  • Highbanks
  • Inniswood Gardens
  • Sharon Woods
  • Oval at OSU
  • Hoover Reservoir Dam 
Known Pokestops I've been to:
  • Mural outside Martini on North High St 
  • Park Street Cantina donkey
  • Entrance to Goodale Park 
  • Severl are inside Goodale Park 
  • Entrance to Inniswood
  • Several inside Inniswood
  • Entrance to Sharon Woods
  • Various spots in Sharon Woods
  • Dam at Hoover Reservoir
  • Playground at Hoover Reservoir
  • Mormon Church in Westerville
  • Cemetery near Inniswood Park
  • Huber Village Park sign
  • Huber Village Park playground
  • Pointview Elementary water tower
    In bed with Shellder
Pokestops and Gyms I want to go to soon: 
  • COSI
  • Ohio Stadium- Horseshoe entrance
  • Hounddogs
  • Easton fountain
  • Governor's mansion
  • Columbus Commons
  • Buckeye hall of fame grill
  • Nationwide Arena 
  • Schmidt's
  •  Buckeye Donuts