Friday, September 2, 2016

Nora the Baby Polar Bear

Chillin' with my Humboldt Penguin 
My mom and I had a mother-daughter day on Sunday and we went to the Columbus Zoo. I have a membership for me and a plus-one there so the two of us got in for free. We made sure to get there bright and early to get in line to see Nora, the baby polar bear.

Nora makes her debut
We finally saw her, after waiting two hours. 

Nora's parent wouldn't leave the enclosure 
See, both of Nora's parents were out in the enclosure at 9am and they didn't feel like going back inside. The water felt cool and they just didn't want to leave. So the trainers and zoo keepers tried their best to herd them back in, but with no luck. The polar bears would get close to going inside, only to back out of the door, and stand around for another twenty minutes. Everybody was chanting "Go, Go, Go!" whenever they would mosey on over to the door.

Nora wants the fish, but hesitates to jump in the water 
Around 11am, they both finally went inside and Nora came bounding out, and there was much rejoicing.
"Hey ya'll. I'm Nora." -Nora the baby polar bear 
She eventually hopped in the water to munch on some fish and cool off. She's gotten a lot bigger since the last picture I saw of her. It was amazing how many people wanted to catch a glimpse of her. The line snaked all the way past the entrance to The Polar Frontier.