Monday, September 26, 2016

Scheiders bakery

Working in Westerville for so long has helped me learn where the best spots are to grab a bite. One of my favorite lunch time stops has become Schneider's Bakery. I admit that I keep their menu in the bottom drawer in my desk.

I like Schneider's because of their reasonable prices. Cookies are 60 cents, donuts 75 cents,  and muffins are 80 cents. It's so rare to find prices that low at a bakery. They also have a section in the back behind the counter where you can get day-old items for even cheaper. Once, I got a bag full of cookies (including the beloved date pinwheel cookies) for $2.

The staff there is so patient and tolerates me when I point to a pastry and ask "What's that?" six different times.
Why, yes. Yes, I do. 
Schneider's is great for the lunch grazer like myself or the business man who wants to impress the office with a dozen of donuts. 

A dozen impressive donuts